Who benefits from the T-Cap

 1. Construction
 2. Road Departments
 3. Townships
 4. Property Management
 5. Special Events
 6. Municipalities- Police and Fire Depts.

How much will the T-CAP save you?
T-CAP Traffic Control Assist Product Information, Pedestrian Traffic Control, Traffic Cone Accessory, Caution Tape Holder, Parking Lot Safety, Construction Site Safety, Traffic Safety Product, Work Zone Safety, Crowd Control Barrier

The T-CAP is made in America
and is a green,
100% recyclable product.

About The T-CAP Company

Klein Layman LLC, a family owned and operated business, was conceived by Erik Klein and John Layman. These two professionals have over 50 yrs of experience in the landscape and construction fields. Both individuals struggled with the same issues of trying to keep their job sites safe and secure. They used anything they could find to attach the caution tape, pieces of rebar, buckets, trees etc. The use of these items did not provide a “safety first” environment. The T-CAP enables the area to be safe, secure and have a much neater appearance. The T-CAP has become the number one product they turn to when securing the boundaries within their work zones.