Who benefits from the T-Cap

 1. Construction
 2. Road Departments
 3. Townships
 4. Property Management
 5. Special Events
 6. Municipalities- Police and Fire Depts.

How much will the T-CAP save you?

T-CAP Barricading Kit Images

T-CAP Electrical Safety Barricade

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Information about the T-CAP Barricading and Safety Kits

New T-CAP Barricading and Safety Kit

The T-CAP safety kits are a solution to barricading an area quickly and efficiently. A temporary barricade is needed to secure a safe environment for professional and recreational situations.

Our kit is equipped with 4 of our new innovative T-Caps (traffic control assist product), 1 roll of barricading tape and 4 safety cones. Compact, easy to transport and requiring minimal storage space, this is an effective way to barricade without jeopardizing safety in any application.

Types of T-CAP Barricading Kits

Crowd Barricading Kit
Electrical Barricading Kit
Fire Barricading Kit
Industrial Barricading Kit
Police Barricading Kit
Safety Barricading Kit
Special Event Barricading Kit
Spill Barricading Kit
Temporary Barricading Kit
Utility Barricading Kit
or Build Your Own Custom Barricading Kit

T-CAP Barricading Kit Sellsheet


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